Peace and a long life. 🖖

My name is Nils Müller.

I am a data analytics engineer at OEDIV.

I am a former machine learning researcher motivated by papers like by Measurement and Fairness and
Fairness and Abstraction in Sociotechnical Systems.
I decided to drop out of academia because it was restricting my creativity and bad for my mental health.

In my time off I read sci-fi novels, play video games on the Nintendo Switch, and go on hikes in the Teutoburg Forest.

Do you want to talk to me about open source software, playing a round of Pokémon, or exchange vegan recipes? Just contact me on Mastodon or write a mail!

PGP Fingerprint:
238D 564A D38A BCC6 0826 B4CE 5D3C B000 3E67 20B0